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Pimatic and Docker, taking it further

My previous blog explained how to run pimatic using docker on a raspberry pi. This blog will take it a couple of steps further: create a image with plugins installed upload the image to dockerhub for later reuse run the image Docker allows me to get my homeautomation up and running very quickly. I really like how you can have a complete pimatic installation ready to run under docker. Now I can play around and easily switch back to the docker image that just works. However my pimatic images (rpimatic1 and rpimatic2) do not contain any additional plugins. Installation of plugins takes time…

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Pimatic using Docker on a Raspberry Pi

I'm a great fan of using a Raspberry Pi with pimatic as the heart of my home automation. A really simple hardware platform and a great framework, with a lot of extensions make a good combination. Every now and then I do some experimentation just to discover what the possibilities are. Usually this results in something good. But sometimes I make a mess of it. Unfortunately the pimatic intstallation including configuration and plugins can take some effort and, especially on a Pi 1, some time to install. Docker with a preconfigured pimatic image to the rescue! Install raspbian Skip this If you kn…

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